Barbara Poblete

Barbara Poblete
(Photo credit Rodrigo Cisterna Rev. Paula)

I'm an associate professor in the Computer Science Department of the Universidad de Chile, and researcher at the Millenium Institute Foundational Research on Data.

I'm currently Co-Chair for The Web Conference 2021 Track on Web Mining and Content Analysis, Co-Chair for the SIGIR 2020 Doctoral Consortium and DEI co-chair for SIGIR.

My research is focused in the areas of Data Mining/Data Science, Social Networks and Information Retrieval on the Web.

Formerly, I was a researcher at Yahoo! Labs.

I have a PhD in Informatics and Digital Communications from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

Contact: bpoblete @ uchile . cl

Selected Publications

This is a list of selected publications, for a full list visit my Google Scholar Profile or DBLP page.

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