I'm an Assistant Professor at the Department of CS of the University of Chile, head of the PRISMA research group (along with Prof. Benjamín Bustos), and Young Researcher of the CIWS (Center for Semantic Web Research). Previously I was a Researcher at Yahoo! Labs Santiago.

I'm interested in everything that is Web research: IR, data mining, social media analysis, query log analysis, multimedia, and privacy preservation in data mining. 

I'm incredibly lucky to be working with an excellent group of graduate students: Jorge Bahamonde, Teresa Bracamonte, Jheser Guzmán, José Miguel Herrera, Jazmine Maldonado, Omar Miranda, Vanessa Peña-Araya, Mauricio Quezada, Hernán Sarmiento, Ignacio Valderrama.

Conference Program Committees & Editorship

  • TKDE (Associate Editor)
  • WSDM
  • SIGIR (Senior PC Member)
  • CIKM
  • ECIR

Media Mentions

Earthquake Detection using Twitter Research
Credibility Research
Other mentions:


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Conference & Workshop Papers

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  • PhD in Computer Science, U. Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain (Oct. 2009)
  • MSc, CS Engineer and Bachelor in Computer Science, U. of Chile, Santiago, Chile (2005, 2004, 2001)

Ph.D. Thesis

Articles in Spanish and Catalan

Journal Papers 

Conference & Workshop Papers

  • D. Nettleton, B. Poblete. Técnicas Difusas y No-Difusas para el Clustering del Contenido de Páginas de un Sitio Web. XIII Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy, Ciudad Real. 2006. (In Spanish).
  • R. Baeza-Yates, B. Poblete: Una herramienta de minería de consultas para el diseño del contenido y la estructura de un sitio Web. III Taller de Minería de Datos y Aprendizaje (TAMIDA), pp. 39-48. September 2005 (In Spanish).
  • G. Boleda, S. Bott, B. Poblete, C. Castillo, M.E. Fuenmayor, T. Badia, V. López. CuCWeb, un corpus del català construït a partir de la web. Congrés Societat del Coneixement. Barcelona, España, 2004. (In Catalan).
  • Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates, Barbara Poblete, Felipe Saint-Jean: Evolución de la Web Chilena 2002-2003. JCC2003, Chillan. Chile. (In Spanish).

MSc. Thesis

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